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...a collection of multiple tools for GaiaOnline.

Some tools require Firefox. Please get it as soon as possible...

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Shoutboxes are images than can be put in your signature in a forum, and where people can post.

These shoutboxes offer a high level of customization, including a custom shoutbox base.

Author : WindPower [Website]

GaiArch is a Firefox extension for GaiaOnline, with many features including layout changes, sidebar customizer, quick reply, subscribed threads and notification icons on the toolbar, marketplace searcher on the toolbar as well, autotrack, quick smileys.

Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Profile Archive lets you submit, edit, and try out Gaia profiles.
Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Random Signatures service lets you create, edit, and manage random signature images.
Author : WindPower [Website]

The Sidebar Customizer allows you to customize GaiaOnline's sidebar, allowing you to add links, functions, whatever you want, as long as it's written in HTML. Don't worry, the most useful HTML tags are avaliable to use in one click, just like you use BBCode. Firefox and GreaseMonkey required...

You can also download the pre-compiled version that just enlarges your avatar here.

Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Page Popper (Weird name...) helps you surveying multiple pages on Gaia at once, such as multiple threads.
Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Brains Counter is not the first of its kind, I'm sure you've already seen it. Still, GaiaTools itself is now offering this service.
Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Theme Database is an alternative to's often too busy one.
Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Theme Tester helps profile creators to create profiles without the hassle to test them and without running the risk to let other Gaians see their unfinished profile. It also serves for curious Gaians who wish to preview a theme before using it.
Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Storyline Archive holds the Gaian Storyline updates since April 2005.
Storyline Archive
Author : WindPower [Website]

The Link Fixer is a GreaseMonkey UserScript that fixes all redirection links on GaiaOnline threads, sigs, etc... You might think it makes URL Redirector obsolete, but it doesn't, because not all Gaians have FireFox (alhough they should). But it doesn't, since URL Redirector works for all browsers.
If you're looking for Frame Remover, it's here as well :3

Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Randomizer allows you to generate random numbers, sort them, etc....
Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Mass Quoter helps you building heavy & long mass-quoted messages.
Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Password Generator lets you generate a secure, lengthy password in a breeze...
Author : WindPower [Website]

The Code Tags Fixer is a FireFox Extension (You do not need GreaseMonkey !) that replaces the [code:1] bug by standard [code] tags.

Obsolete, Gaia fixed it.

Author : WindPower [Website]

The Johari Window was invented by Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham in the 1950s as a model for mapping personality awareness. By describing yourself from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of overlap and difference can be built up.

Johari Window
Author : WindPower [Website]

The Nohari Window is a challenging inversion of the Johari Window, using antonyms of the original words. By describing your failings from a fixed list of adjectives, then asking your friends and colleagues to describe you from the same list, a grid of perceived and unrecognised weaknesses can be explored.

Author : WindPower [Website]

The Title Fixer is a FireFox Extension (You do not need GreaseMonkey !) that remove the "Gaia Online ::" prefex and replaces it with "Gaia>", so that your tabs will make more sense, if you see what I mean... ;)

Obsolete, Gaia changed its title.

Author : WindPower [Website]
  The Gaiapedia is the wiki made to document everything about Gaia Online, including guides, forums, the history of the storyline, and every tip, term, and tidbit of knowledge you need to keep up around gaia.
  The Name Generator can help you find a name for your new creature/pet/character/whatever...
Author : Seventh Sanctum [Website]

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