• Theme Database Issues with Imgur

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    We are aware that there are issues with themes not working. Imgur (the image host for many of our themes) has blocked images from loading on Gaia. Our theme authors will be fixing broken layouts during the next few days. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.


    As of March 30th Imgur has unblocked image requests originating from GaiaOnline. Many of our themes have been moved off of Imgur already just prior to Gaia being unblocked.

    "We just reached out to them! They found that we had been placed on a block list and after examining our site decided we didn't deserve to be there." Says Gaia's admin, Princess Angelishia.

  • Small Update

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    Themes now lists what template it's designed for. It's a small patch in the mean time while the next site update is pending. The next site update will not happen until the browser extensions (currently Firefox) is released. We're hoping to have that out shortly.

  • Gaia Tools Update September 2, 2015

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    We have updated several features on Gaiatools for this September 1, 2015 update;

    • RSS is not dead!   An RSS news feed is now available from the http://www.gaiatools.com/feed link.  Use your favorite RSS Reader (such as Feedly, Go Read, or Feedbin) to keep up to date on the latest news and happenings!
    • News was added as a link in the top navigation bar for quick access.
    • Account recovery is now enabled.  You may reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password link on the Log in page.  (Note: requires that you have registered with a valid email account.)
    • A My Submissions link is now available from the Account dropdown enabling you to quickly access your Theme Submissions.
    • Account Settings can now be managed from the Account dropdown.  The new My Account will allow you to modify your settings such as Notifications, password, and your email address.  We are still working on this area and while the Notification settings aren't implemented everywhere, we are working to bring additional email notifications for things such as Theme Approvals/Rejections, and new featured themes or theme comments.  Be sure to check back later!
    • Fixed issue when old Random Signatures were attempting to access Randosig/img.php.  We now display a message that this system has changed.  Users can use the new and improved Random Image Generator in order to create random signature images. 


    Thank you for your patience as we strive to bring you the best in Gaia Online (tm)  related tools.


  • Another Update!

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    Gaia Tools has received another update. This brings some fixes and changes to some parts of the site's UI.

    You may have already noticed the UI change to News, but now you may easily edit your submitted Themes. You'll notice under the account menu the My Submissions option. This will take you to your submitted Themes where you can manage them.

  • System Upgrade

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    We have just launched a new version of the Web site. The crusty old site has gone like an old pirate ship wasting in the waters. Many improvements have been made and several bugs were fixed.