Gaia Tools Update #2

So as many of you know the site is under maintenance. I'm working on updating the Profile Theme database part of the site at the moment and I'm also setting up the bare minimum for the Random Image Generator. I apologize for the long inconvenience. I have tried to add the old site content to the sub-domain, but only got it to partially work, logging in still breaks and I'm not sure why. However, my main focus is on bringing new content for you with the new site.

If you think something should get more attention sooner rather than later please post in the feedback sub-forum of the guild. If you have found a bug/issue with the current site, and I know there will be quite a few for a while as the site is transitioned, please post in the Bug Report sub-forum of the guild. If you have a general inquiry during this transition period you may message me direct on Gaia, please title the message appropriately, or post in the User Support sub-forum of the guild