Gaia Tools: A New Beginning

First off, welcome to the new and improved Gaia Tools website! (Sparkly, isn't it?) Since August 16, 2015 the staff here at Gaia Tools have been working diligently getting all the new features ready to go, especially Knight Yoshi, the brains behind the entire operation. Since then, Gaia Tools has been unveiling updates to the site and its core features. Since the relaunch of Gaia Tools, we have released the following amazing features for your use:

  • Theme Builder - With the theme builder, you can create and edit custom themes for both classic and current profile systems and see the changes live! Nifty, right? You can even work on a profile in full screen mode to make it even easier to create a masterpiece. So why not go on over and create a cool new theme and submit it to our brand new Profile Archive?
  • Profile Themes - With the unveiling of our new site, we unveilved a brand new archive with brand new themes! While we did not port over any of the themes in the old archive, there are plenty of amazing new themes to choose from! To make choosing the right theme for you easy, the new profile archive features new categories, tags and a preview image of the theme!
  • Random Image Generator (RIG) - Like the previous version of this tool, you are able to use this tool to randomly generate an image for your signature. Right now, we do not have a limit on the amount of pictures you can use in your generator or how many RIG sets you can have. So, have fun and mix up your signature a little!
  • While this tool may not be available just yet, the Wix Converter tool will be available soon enough! 

With all these new and exciting updates, how are you not freaking out!? I know I've been like a kid in a candy store, I just didn't even know where to begin exploring the new site! 

We hope you enjoy using these tools and services as much as we enjoyed creating them for you! We're always looking for feedback and suggestions on what we could do to make your experience here at Gaia Tools more enjoyable, so if you are interested in providing such feedback please post here so your voice can be heard.

Until next time!