Gaia Tools 10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

Hey Gaia Tools members guess what to day is! It's June 13th, 2016. That means it's been ten whole years since Gaia Tools was founded!

The site struggled for a long time and then it was updated, amazing right? It's amazing our little third-party service has made it this long. Better yet, we're happy to still be bringing third-party services to Gaia Online members.

That said! Since we updated Gaia Tools many months ago it hasn't received enough updates since then. This was due to me having classes, procrastination, learning, and other stuff. It wasn't fun. I didn't like seeing the site just sitting around again, but hey, life happens.

Few months ago I discovered that this year, on this day was going to be the 10th anniversary of Gaia Tools. We could not just sit idly by and let this momentous day pass like any other! I've been working on an update to Gaia Tools for the past month and a half or so. It was not really enough time to put things together as I would have liked, but over the next few days we will be releasing updates to Gaia Tools. This includes some layout updates, content updates, and services updates as well as the integration of a few new services. There has also been a few changes behind the scenes as well, but nothing that you should notice.

Over the next few days we'll be setting up some events on Gaia to win some Gaia gold and items in celebration of this great achievement. The use of Gaia Tools is not required for any Gaia Online members to participate in any of the events.