Gaia Item: SDPlus Gaian Amai Cutiepuff Hime-Jenisan
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When it comes to my friends I do my best to protect them. I'll give my all to keep them safe. This strength comes from the will to protect everything truly special to me.

I’ve hurt in order to learn, I’ve fallen in order to grow, I’ve lost in order to gain, but from these lessons I’ve learned a pain that was only healed by the bonds I share with my friends.

I believe that when something doesn't work out, fight with all your heart to change the final outcome. I will never give up. I will stand strong. I'm going to prove that in this broken world heroes do exist.

I'll end the war between man, mind, heart and soul. I willingly take on the role to carry any burden of hatred and pain, I will convert that into love, and blessings for the world to grow beautifully.

Never lose your way.
With Lots of Love and hope for a beautiful future,
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