Gaia Item: Seraphic Castle Town
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2,000 Platinum
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2,372 Platinum
Quickly, Cirqve! Inside of Castle Town is the evil Warlock Rai, who is holding your childhood friend Princess Sarah captive! The task of defeating the evil Warlord won't be an easy one, so it's time to gather up some recruits! Along the way you'll meet the Great Sages; YunYun of the Deep Forest, Pusheh of the Scorching Fires, Poffin of the Raging Waters, Bech of the Haunting Shadows, Lyz of the Weeping Spirits, and Sean of the Blinding Light! Only when they are all brought together will you be able to defeat Rai! #Yolo#PookeTard#GG
Tags: vintage gold usermade catharsis quartz quartzstub stub serafiella seraphic castle town generation (Poffin's
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