Gaia Item: A Stars Return
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250 GCash
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44,000 Platinum
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39,152 Platinum
? With the love and help of the people of Gaia, Kiro had returned to the world and planted a seed.
This seed was to become a tree to bare fruits that were alien even to Gaia.
As Kiro descended from the sky, Landing gently on the outskirts of the planets biggest city, the place where his heel touched down saw the sprout growing.
With the rapid light from his star form, Kiro made it grow into a tree that touched the sky and seemed to grow beyond it. Pearls laced the branches and glowing promises of fruit to come.
Satisfied with his handy work, Kiro walked towards the City and felt happy to meet the denizens that he had not met when he left for the stars. ?
? “ I have come home”?

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