Gaia Item: Rainbow Ber-idian City Champs
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Not available in stores
Lowest Buy Price:
75,000 Platinum
Average Buy Price:
78,582 Platinum
Did you not learn your lesson the first time?? Blood Mistress Kyoku, Xarime, Ted D Ber, the Stalker, Pandelic DJ, Princess Kunzite and Le Wild Pikachu can't be beaten! We are the ber-y best, like no one ever was!
Tags: gray blue pink princess green yellow blood city mint dark rainbow magenta usermade armmod arm amaranth butter background toxic master kunzite skintone agate oniki le wild pikachu dj mistress elf artistic Grombie Kyoku gacha premiumccs boss Pandelic zombae ber teddber pandelicdj Xarime idian champs
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