A Small Update; Bug And Accessibility Fixes

This update consists of a number of issues pertaining to the Themes library. There was a bug that prevented browsing themes by tags and category. This has been fixed, so browse on.

There was also an accessibility issue that prevented being able to copy the CSS via the copy-click button for mobile users and users who have Flash disabled or not installed as it uses a Flash to copy the CSS to the clipboard. We went ahead and fixed this by adding a tab view to view the CSS so that it can be copied manually, but we still recommend the easier method of the copy-click button.

To peak your interest, we've been working on some new services. They are not quite ready yet, but they are getting close. We feel that these new services will make a lot of users happy.

However, due to the nature of the service, the services will be released in beta at first. In the coming days, we will set up a FAQ thread and an application process for users to apply to be a beta tester in the Gaia Tools Guild. That's not to say the services will be done in the coming days, but at least one of them is close enough that we can start taking beta members soon.


As always you can post any questions, feedback, or bug reports in the Gaia Tools Guild.