GaiaUpgrade The Browser Extension

As many of you may or may not be aware of, Gaia Tools aquired GaiaUpgrade the userscript from Unheard. We welcomed Unheard onto the team as part of the agreement. Since the acquisition the Gaia Tools Team has worked fairly diligently to turn GaiaUpgrade from a userscript to a full standalone browser extension - we have since achieved this. That means while it has the same name as its predecessor, we have a new product.


Our initial, public release, 1.0.0, was a little rocky to say the least, we had unexpected bugs in the Chrome edition. We have since patched the known issues with the release of 1.0.3 last week. We would like all of our GaiaUpgrade users to stop using the userscript in favor of the browser extension. We have deprecated the userscript and it will not be receiving updates for the sake of pushing users to use the browser extension to prevent user-fragmentation.

In the future we will also create a new thread that will be owned by the Gaia Tools official GaiaOnline account that will be accessible by those of Gaia Tools Team who are apart of the GaiaUpgrade project.


We're proud to bring the new GaiaUpgrade to all of our GaiaOnline users and hope that our users like it as well.