GaiaUpgrade Update! Now Available For Opera!

GaiaUpgrade Version 1.6.1

We have published 1.6.1 to both Firefox and Chrome. If GaiaUpgrade has not already updated you can manually download it. We changed the Gaia Tools domain permission, it was incorrect.
We changed it from *://** to the proper URL *://*. This might have caused it to not automatically update.

You can checkout the changelog in the Gaia Tools guild:

But wait there's more!

I also wanted to draw more attention to the fact that there is now a way to install GaiaUpgrade on Opera. So, if you're an Opera user or have a friend that is an Opera user, you or your friend can now use GaiaUpgrade without switching to a different browser (or you can go back)!

To install GaiaUpgrade using Opera follow this simple guide that we have created — we even included a fancy video guide if the steps are too confusing.

Check it out in the Gaia Tools guild: