Site Maintenance Soon-ish: Gaia Tools V3!

Please Pardon Our Dust

Over the next few days we'll be updating the site. We don't expect many service interruptions, but if there are, we will fix it as soon as possible.

We've been hard at work adding improvements to the site, adding new functionality to existing features. The biggest change by far is that the whole site has been re-written from the ground up using a much more scalable model that will make it far easier to add new components. We've also greatly enhanced our development tools to increase productivity and consistency. We've strived to make a lot of changes to the site over the last several months to make it easier going forward and we think you'll like them

Some things to look forward to

  • Cleaner site UI
  • No flash depenencies for copying things to the clipboard, such as the image randomizer URL
  • Theme searching
  • The new GaiaUpgrade page!
  • Some other improvements to our various tools and services

We have more stuff planned for the future too! However, we're not ready to spill those secrets just yet, but we think you'll love them when we release them!