Gaia Tools on Discord

Gaia Tools has had a public Discord for a few years now. Over the years we've had many people come and go, but if you like to follow Gaia Tools updates and announcements that's the best place to get that kind of information; funny since you're getting this information here! Something you won't get here is notifications for when we livestream.

That's right, we livestream. We have started livestreaming the GaiaUpgrade v2 development and the first stream, while maybe not so hot was getting the settings page working — boo, the crowd chants, wanting something more exciting. Programming isn't the most exilerating of activities, but seeing things come together is great fun. We recommend that you join the next livestream — TBD & announced in the official Gaia Tools Discord — that way you don't miss it. Come chat, hangout and chat while you watch a codemonkey do a thing for your favorite Gaia Online browser extension.