Gaia Item: [KINDRED] Tundra Lykin
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699 GCash
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42,700 Platinum
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42,794 Platinum
Beasts of the ice, Tundra Lykin are native to Fafnir's Peak and are the largest subspecies of Lykin discovered thus far -- but also the most timid. Their snow white coats blend in easily with the landscape, with thick fur that helps keep them warm on even the coldest nights and claws sharp enough to pierce though a dragon's scales. Rumor has it their fur isn't actually white, but no one's been able to get close enough to these elusive Kin to confirm.

Likes: Family, nature, loyalty, meat, naps

Dislikes: Captivity, fleas, strangers

Tags: black white blue snow kindred usermade wolf lakekindred kinegg werewolf tundra calixita lykin userkin
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