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Gaia Tools on Discord

Gaia Tools Discord verified server, livestreams, and more!?

Gaia Tools v3 Live!

Gaia Tools has come a long way, version three of the site is now live and ready for you to use. We've overhauled the entire system, top to bottom/front to back and we think you're going to be pleased with our results!

Site Maintenance Soon-ish: Gaia Tools V3!

Lots of changes going on for the site and we're happy to announce that we're almost done with this massive rewrite: Gaia Tools v3!

Gaia Tools Discord

Gaia Tools now has a public Discord, you're welcome to join!

GaiaUpgrade Update! Now Available For Opera!

GaiaUpgrade can now be used in Opera! It's amazing, if you're an Opera user, check it out!

Condolences And Well Wishes To Las Vegas

We give our condolences to the victims and family members of Las Vegas.

GaiaUpgrade The Browser Extension

GaiaUpgrade has officially been released; everyone should get it!

Gaia Tools And The YouTube Redirect

The Gaia Tools YouTube Redirect service is not functioning correctly. This makes us sad.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!

Merry Christmas From Gaia Tools

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season from the Gaia Tools staff.

GaiaTools Security Update

A security warning message is appearing for some users attempting to login and/or view their account information. We have implemented SSL (HTTPS) across the site to address this warning.