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Gaia Tools Gets An Upgrade

Gaia Tools is getting another service for GaiaOnline, a browser extension, developed by Unheard.

Apple's Keynote Event Announcements!

So this is some of what Apple had to say during their Keynote event that is most relevant to most consumers.

A Small Update; Bug And Accessibility Fixes

We have updated the site to fix a number of small issues, specifically to our Themes library. We apologize for any difficulties that occurred as a result of these issues.

Hamsters Update The Site Again

Gaia Tools once again has been updated. The hamsters that power the site have been hard at work bringing many refreshing changes. As you may have heard from our previous article Gaia Tools is now 10yrs old. That's a big accomplishment. Our hamsters were disappointed they could not get the site update out for it's anniversary, but they have given us a late anniversary gift packed full of updates!

Gaia Tools 10th Anniversary

Gaia Tools has reached it's 10th anniversary!

Theme Database Issues; Resolved March 30th

Imgur breaks all images loaded from GaiaOnline; Resolved March 30th

Themes Template Type

Theme template specification

Gaia Tools Update September 2, 2015

Gaia Tools Update September 2, 2015

Gaia Tools Update

We did it again!

May 30th 3:45am update

Site Update